Gooding County Prosecutor prepares for a trip to D.C.

GOODING, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Gooding County Prosecutor is packing his bags to go to Washington D.C. after he was chosen to attend a conference for people in Western leadership.

Matt Pember, the Gooding County Prosecutor is getting ready to head to Washington D.C.

"I am so super excited. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, it's such an honor to be asked, and for that reason I couldn't turn it down," said the Gooding County Prosecutor Matt Pember. "It's a chance for us to get out there and get Gooding County's voice on the national level."

From Sept. 6-11, Pember will be exploring part of the East Coast with his wife and other community leaders.

How will he pay for this?

"I really should go, it’s the White House, but I don’t think tax payer money should pay for it," Pember said ."We sat down, we’re like, 'Hey we’ll empty the sky miles and we’ll go, and we’ll do a bunch of other things while we’re there,' sort of get a lay of the land."

One of the major topics that he and the other leaders will be addressing is the opioid crisis.

"Which is sort of high on our list, Gooding County is involved with the opioid crisis, and we’ve been named a voting member on our class action lawsuit, so that’s kind of a big deal," Pember said.

Pember will also be speaking with Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch about the needs of the rural communities.

"I plan on speaking about the need for youth centers in our rural communities," he said. "We are seeing a lot of crime that are really just crimes of boredom, smoking pot, spray painting graffiti, that sort of stuff."

Most of all, he is excited to collaborate with other leaders from Alaska, Washington and Wyoming.

"Hopefully it will be a good confab, figure out how we can work together, figure out how the feds can help us so we are not dependent on grant money, tax money, those sort of things," Pember said.

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