Gooding duo builds friendship over birdhouse display

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GOODING, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Tucked away on a cul-de-sac in Gooding is a bird’s paradise.

“We don’t want any birds moving in,” said Maggie Gabriel.

An oasis of sorts.

“This one right here is Miss Dorothy’s birthday gift,” said Gabriel.

Dorothy Moody, 82, or Miss Dorothy to her friends, started painting and fixing up birdhouses several years ago.

“They call her the bird lady, the birdhouse lady,” said Gabriel.

Now her collection has grown to nearly 40 and spans several shelves along the outside of her house.

“This one even has a little dog on the steps,” said Moody.

With the help of her friend Maggie, they spent countless hours remodeling and adding decorations to each house.

“I always look for outrageous things that you don’t just want a plain old birdhouse if you’re going to put it out here,” said Gabriel.

The pair had so much fun they even lost track of time.

“We was only going to work so long every day and we ended up working till 8 or 9 at night,” said Moody.

They used household items and trinkets to accessorize the bird houses.
“I found that little tractor from my grandkids toys,” said Gabriel.

Miss Dorothy says she’s about done with the display, mostly because she’s running out of room.

“I don’t need to make any more,” said Moody.

In the winter the birdhouses get put away in storage. Maggie says in the meantime, they’ll just continue to improve and repair the houses focusing on the memories they’ve made together.

“Once you get into something like this, it is fun,” said Gabriel. “If you’re doing it with somebody that you love, I have my best friend, we love to do things together.”

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