Magic Valley educators work on Governor Little's education task force

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Some local educators are a part of Governor Little's education task force, which is called - Our kids, Idaho's future.

Peggy Hoy, an instructional coach with the Twin Falls School District, sits on the governor's task force.

The task force has members from the Magic Valley, like in Twin Falls and in Cassia County.

"The Magic Valley is growing and our need for highly experienced and highly qualified teachers is very important," said Peggy Hoy, an instructional coach at O'Leary Middle School, who also sits on the task force.

Governor Little focuses on education throughout the state of Idaho.

Southern Idaho has problem’s of its own. One of the main ones being there is no college nearby from which to recruit new teachers.

"The Magic Valley, we just have to really, we have to a draw, how do we get the teachers to come here, and so with me being a voice on that task force, and we can share those concerns, and we can talk about what are some other ideas that we can come up with to get teachers to want to come to the Magic Valley," said Hoy.

Hoy works to keep retention rates high, after the starting pay for teachers was increased recently.

"One of the options that we’ve talked about is adding another rung on the existing career ladder," Hoy said.

In Cassia County, Declo High School is increasing their literacy program.

"The piece that we are concerned about, and that I see as I watch classrooms, how many children read and have no idea what they’ve read," said principal of Declo High School, Roland Bott.

Each class at Declo High School is going to be incorporating new curriculum.

"What they are going to do in their classes, is find a simple, short article, that they think will be of interest to their students, each week, and those students will use those as a bell ringer, and their teachers will check for comprehension, just so we have students read," Bott said.

He says that no matter what you want to be when you graduate, reading comprehension is crucial.

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