Grease Monkey raises money for Boy Scouts at community event

Published: Sep. 18, 2017 at 2:50 PM MDT
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At the Grease Monkey in Rupert people had a chance to take a spin in a NASCAR race car simulator Sunday, for a good cause.

"We're trying to help out the Boy Scouts," said manager Kirk Smith.

The group of kids we talked to took it very seriously.

"Wasn't easy," said Trae Maughan. "It was pretty hard."

At just 9-years-old Trae was impressing the adults with his simulated driving skills.

"A lot of the younger kids, it seems to be the younger the kid is the better they do," Smith said.

Trae's younger brother and sister even gave it a go and did pretty well.

"Their reaction time, I'm not sure what it is, but they seem to excel at it," Smith said.

In addition to the simulator, they served up burgers, had a bounce house and were gearing up for a pinewood derby, but the biggest draw was the Mobil 1 No. 4 NASCAR race car.

"You can sign up for it throughout the year," Smith said.

Half the proceeds from burgers and pinewood derby entry fees went toward the local Boy Scout Troops.

"We just want to get involved in the community," Smith said, "Let the community know that we're here to help them and be here for them."