Grito De Independencia celebration held in Jerome

JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A Grito De Independencia celebration, commonly known as Mexican Independence Day, took place in the Jerome City Park on Saturday.

"It definitely took a lot from the community to put this on. It took us hours and hours of planning to put this on," Luis Valadez, one of the event organizers said. "Ben did a great job."

"This is the sixth year that we're putting this on," event organizer Benjamin Reed said. "We've done it in Twin Falls as well as Jerome, and this is the third year in Jerome."

The celebration, in recognition of Mexican independence, is a day in 1810, when priest Miguel Hildalgo urged the people of Mexico to stand up to Spanish colonialism, which spurred the start of Mexico's War of Independence from Spain on September 16 more than 200 years ago.

"He was a priest in Mexico basically got together and said enough is enough," Reed said. "He shouted out with the cry of independence. That's why they call it the cry or Grito de independencia."

The community event brought food trucks, live music and dancing performances, a Chile eating contest, as well as an opportunity to touch and feel live snake brought to the park by the College of Southern Idaho.

Jerome Chief of Police Dan Hall was also in attendance at the event and helped lead a reciting of the pledge of alliance with event attendees. Chief Hall said he appreciates how the event brings the community together.

"Everybody getting together and the good will, and just the tone that it sets for the community" Chief Hall said.

In Mexico City, on the eve of the 15th of September the President of Mexico rings the same bell that Priest Hildalgo did in his call for independence and recites the

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