Gun and ammo sales soar for Twin Falls pawn shop

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A Twin Falls pawn shop told KMVT that they have sold well more than a million ammunition rounds during the past six days, KMVT spoke with a gun owner and salesmen to hear their take away from this uptick in sales.

Gun and ammo sales soar for Twin Falls pawn shop (Jake Manuel Brasil KMVT/KSVT)

During the last 10 days ammunition and firearms have been flying off the shelves of Washington Street Pawn. Owner and operator Forrest Anderson says, "people want to be prepared."

"So a lot of people just felt like they need a little more to put on the shelf," Andersen said. "I think more so, not so much the fear, but the fear of not being able to buy it."

Gun owner David Resz says it's about having a sense of security.

"The coronavirus, what the outcome can be, we know that if we stock up on items such as; food, toilet paper, or maybe even firearms and ammunition that we have some sense of secrutiy," Resz said.

While high gun and ammunition sales are good for this locally-owned pawn shop, Andersen wants to remind the community to support small business, and most importantly, to stick together in these uncertain times.

"Restaraunts, hardware stores, if it's locally owned, spend your money there, because those are the business that are going to struggle the most," he said. "We need to get past the politics, we need to get past everything else and put people first."

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