Gun shop hears increased interest in bump stocks after Vegas

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) It's been a busy week at Red's Trading Post, but gun sales are staying steady.

Management said people aren't worried about losing their guns in the weeks following a mass shooting like they were under the previous administration.

“Where the Trump administration hasn't really indicated (a gun ban), there isn't really a call for purchasing a lot of firearms,” said Ryan Horsley, the general manager.

They have noticed people worried about losing something else, though.

“We've had a lot of people coming in wanting to know about getting a bump stock or buying one,” said Dan Hadley, a salesman at the shop.

A bump stock is a device you attach to a gun to make it easier to bump fire, Hadley said.

It replaces the grip for your trigger hand and the stock, the part of the rifle that sits against your shoulder. When you pull forward on the gun, the trigger will hit your finger, and the recoil will pull it back for you.

The gun will fire until there’s no more bullets left, Hadley said.

He said he’s not a big fan, saying they make the gun “looser and more dangerous.”

“I've known a few people that have bought them that have had very bad experiences with them, because if you lower the gun, the gun can take off shooting by itself,” he said.

The NRA announced Thursday it would support regulations on bump stocks after investigators said they were likely used in the shooting that killed dozens and injured hundreds on Sunday.

Hadley believes people are trying to buy them before that happens so they can sell them for more. On Thursday, bump stocks were available online for 10 times what they normally sell.
“It’s going to go up in price,” Horsley said. “You’re already seeing the price go up on these. On something that was as low as $50, you’re already seeing these go from $500 to $700 as of today.”

Hadley said if legislation restricting bump stocks passes, it’s only attacking one device in a whole group of shot-altering modifications.

You can get the stock that causes you to have a bump fire; you can get triggers that work off a bump fire; you can get binary triggers that fire when you pull the trigger and fire when you let off, he said.

“There’s more than just that one company out there making one device,” Hadley said. “It’s just that’s the one that got the attention right now.”

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