Hagerman Fire Protection District reacts to failed fire bond

HAGERMAN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The city of Hagerman was trying to pass a fire bond on the November 3 election, but it only got a majority vote, and it needed a super majority to pass.

Fire chief Tim Petersen says that the budget has already been set for the 2020 year.

Currently the Hagerman Fire Protection District only has two full time employees, and the station is staffed full time during the day time hours.

The city was hoping to pass this bond to help continue to staff the station full time.

Since the bond failed, they will have to go over the budget for the 2020 year and see where they can cut money from.

“Call volume continues to climb because our population continues to grow, so without having that full time staff, we will have to go back to just the volunteers,” said fire chief Tim Petersen “They are our core, always will be our core, we will always have volunteers, but there are certain hours of the day when volunteers aren't able to come.”

The budget has already been set and will not change until October 2020, when the city will have to decide if they want to try to pass another bond, or to let people go.