Hagerman Junior Senior High School hosts first career fair

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HAGERMAN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Hagerman students may be dreaming about their future after spending the day at a career fair.

The Hagerman Junior Senior High School hosted their first career fair to hopefully inspire students to think about graduation.

The fair was held at Hagerman Junior Senior High school Thursday.

Several people from across the Magic Valley showed up to teach students about their options after high school.

People from different careers attended sessions in each class, teaching students about their profession and what their everyday looks like.

Organizers tell KMVT, the idea to have this event came from the parents of students at the school.

They say parents realize many students don't know the different options available to them post graduation.

"The Gooding County Sheriff's Department, I sat in on their session a little bit, they are talking about the training and certificates they need but not necessarily a college degree," said Cindy Kinder from the University of Idaho.

She says some professions do require degrees and students are always encouraged to get one.

But career fair's goal was to get a conversation started with students in hopes they will begin the process of preparing for their next step.

"Today, taught me that college isn't the only option but you can go into different trades and not even school," said senior Millie.

Millie said she does plan on going to college to either be a teacher or be trained for a position in the medical field.

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