Hagerman-Bliss Recreation District proposal to be on November ballot

HAGERMAN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) For the past year and a half, the Hagerman Youth Athletic Association has been working on getting a recreation district for Hagerman and Bliss.

Pastor Isaac Tellez tells KMVT why the community would benefit from a recreation district

And as of Monday night, the question will officially be on the Nov. 5 ballot.

Pastor Isaac Tellez, and the head of the youth athletic association, says that the recreation district would provide a community place for people of all ages to go and play.

The association has been working on getting the recreation district onto the ballot because it would provide a place for people to enjoy time together. The district would offer football and baseball, but also yoga or bicycling. The people on the board would be elected into the role.

After gaining the support of 311 people and the county commissioners, people can now vote on Nov. 5 if they want this to happen.

“That’s why we call the slogan 'building a family legacy,' because this will not benefit my kids because my kids are already grown up and gone, but my grandson, he's 5 next week," Tellez said. "I want to see the benefit that he will get out of this rec district and the other kids that we have in the church or the community and the school. I think parents and grandparents need to think about how much investment we want to do for the next generation."

If this passes they will pay for it with a tax on the residents.

“For a person who owns a home, for every $100,000, it will be $50 a year. But those $50 will be so well invested. We will be able to run programs that we don’t have right now. We will have activities for the kids, and then games for people of older ages, like a pickle ball court,” Tellez said.

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