Hagerman looks to pass permanent override levy

HAGERMAN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The city of Hagerman is looking to pass a permanent override levy for the fire protection district.

The city of Hagerman is looking to pass a permanent override levy in the November 5th election.

"Without the added money in the future, we probably couldn’t maintain our full time staff," said fire chief Tim Petersen.

5 years ago the fire department took over the QRU, and the money from the fire department went to the EMS program, leaving the fire department without enough money.

"So in doing that we had to rob money from our fire program to continue to subsidize the EMS program and that’s why we are trying to do that so we can continue to provide the service," said Gooding County Commissioner Marc Bolduc.

With the population of Hagerman growing, having full time fire and EMS personnel is vital.

"Hagerman is growing, it’s an older population obviously, so that increases your EMS calls, there is also a lot of tourist oriented things going on, so that creates its own demand in itself. with the growth, we are just trying to grow along with it," Bolduc said.

The permanent levy override would increase property owners taxes.

"$100,000 assess property, it would be an increase of about $61 per year," Petersen said.

Residents of Hagerman can cast their vote on November 5th,

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