Hagerman plans for major bike-path project

Published: Apr. 21, 2017 at 7:05 PM MDT
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Miles of bike paths are coming soon in Hagerman.

The city is partnering with the National Park Service, landscape architects and other groups to make plans for the trails this weekend.

The paths will connect the multiple state and national designations of Hagerman.

In addition to connecting the city, organizers have more hopes for these trails.

“We did it to try and get the people of Hagerman a safe place to walk, promote health, and probably try to help boost tourism and help the economy,” said Craig Laughlin, the president of Hagerman Bike and Walk Organization.

Some of these paths are already planned and ready to be built.

The team expects a trail from Hagerman City to Billingsley Creek State Park to be up and running by late summer.