Hagerman welcomes new mayor and council members

HAGERMAN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Hagerman city council had its first meeting of the year Wednesday.

A new mayor was signed on, as well as two new council-members. (Source: KMVT)

A new mayor was signed on as well as two new council-members.

Now former mayor Pete Weir said his final goodbye as the mayor of Hagerman and Alan Jay took the seat. Jay has been on the city council for two terms, so he is very excited to be the mayor now, and he was all smiles as he took the oath.

"The constitution, laws, of the state of Idaho, and that I will faithfully discharge all of the duties of the office of mayor for the state of Idaho according to the best of my abilities, so help me God," said Jay as he took the oath.

Two new council-members also signed on. Ricky Fritz and Erica Cornett.

Both Fritz and Cornett have been involved in Hagerman for a long time and are excited to see what this new position will hold for them.

The new mayor Jay sworn them in to their new titles.

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