Hailey Police Department investigates an alleged school threat

Wood River High School entrance, in this file photo. (KMVT)
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HAILEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Hailey Police Department had extra patrol around Wood River High School Wednesday, after they were made aware of an apparent threat Tuesday night.

The police department became aware of the threat Tuesday night, after a post on Snapchat.

The police called it a “non-specific” threat, made by a 15-year-old Wood River High School student with what appeared to be a gun, or more specifically a revolver.

During their investigation, the "revolver" was found to be an air soft gun, owned by another student.

Assistant Police Chief Steve England explained what happened.

“Talking with his parents, everything seemed legitimate and that there was no credible threat. And so therefore we just wanted to make sure that everything was safe and secure at our schools, so we did have a, more of a presence, our agency did at the high school,” England stated.

The department is still putting together a case, and the student could face a misdemeanor charge.

England also said the students who saw the threat did the right thing in telling a teacher at the school right away.

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