Hailey school starts beekeeping project

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HAILEY, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) An elementary school in Hailey is buzzing about a new project.

Syringa Mountain School got two new bee hives last weekend.

They sit on the roof of the school and feed off of the school's garden among other surrounding vegetation.

The school bought them with a grant they got from Whole Foods.

They hope the hives will help kids understand bees and make an impact on the community.

“For our school to become a sanctuary for these bees and have gardens that we can support those bees with,” said Miles Teitge, the staffer behind the project, “it's kind of our small part in trying to make things a little bit better and understanding the needs of bees.”

The school said in the future, they want to build Plexiglas hives so students can see what's going on inside the hive.

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