Dentist in Twin Falls buys back Halloween candy to send to troops

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Want a way to earn money for your left over Halloween candy and donate to the troops at the same time? One dentist office in Twin Falls is doing just that.

Smiles 4 Kids in Twin Falls is paying $1 per pound for leftover Halloween candy. The leftover Halloween treats will be sent in care packages to troops overseas along with floss and tooth brushes.

The candy buy back program is part of a volunteer effort with Operation Gratitude. Organizers at Smiles 4 Kids say they've seen the benefits of this program personally.

"Last year we were actually able to send it to one of the troops that we knew," Marketing Specialist Kenze Hollibaugh said. "It's her brother and then one is her fiancé and we actually got to send it to him. So, it was really nice to see someone we know locally benefit from it as well."

Last year the dentist office was able to collect more than 30 pounds of candy through the buy back program. Employees hope to exceed that amount this year. To participate, visit the dentist office with your leftover Halloween candy on Friday.

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