Hansen mayor appoints former mayor to open City Council seat

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HANSEN, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — The city of Hansen has a new member of its City Council.

The City Council had a vacant seat as of the 24th of January when members appointed the then council president to take over as mayor.

The new mayor Todd Stimpson was asked at the meeting that night to come up with a replacement to fill his seat and present the name to the City Council Monday.

He chose Chad Urie to fill the seat. Urie is a former city councilman for the city of Hansen for two years and mayor for four years.

"He has a very intricate knowledge of the workings infrastructure of our city, a lot of the history of our city, and I don't think we could ask for a more qualified person to be honest with you," Stimpson said.

After a unanimous vote to appoint Urie, he was sworn in by Mayor Stimpson and took his place immediately on the council.

He will serve the remainder of Stimpson's term.

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