Twin Falls County assessors hosts open house for property assessment questions

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - After a few residents of Twin Falls County approached the county assessor, he decided to hold a question and answer event for all the public to ask him what they want to know.

Twin Falls County Assessor Bradford Wills (KMVT image)

"That got me thinking that maybe there were more people like that and if I were to do a question and answer time, I can answer some questions that are related to their property values," said Bradford Wills, the county assessor.

He said that every year around June, their office sends out an annual property assessment notice to residents.

After those residents take a look at it, they might see there's been no change, a little change or something drastic.

"The reason I'm doing the question and answer is I explain more of what the assessor’s responsible for that we don’t do taxes, but we do value property and what our values come up with does affect our amount of taxes that you pay," he said. "When everybody sees increases, they wonder if anyone else has the same increase."

He said that in the last five years, with many changes, land has become more valuable.

"Or the sale price of things. We’re talking mainly residential here... It’s individuals that are concerned. They watch their values change 15 percent and value’s not supposed to, if it goes up, that doesn’t mean that your taxes do, but a lot of times if their value goes up, then the amount of taxes they pay do go up," he said.

As part of their office, they have tools to come up with what the market value is and what a property would sell for.

"If we have a bunch of homes sell in a neighborhood, we’re able to take that information and see how accurate we are and if we’re a little bit off, that gives us the information to give us something different that we’re doing," he said, adding that most of the time, their values are below what people would actually sell their properties for.

"We have state statues that we follow so all the assessors in all the counties are supposed to do it the same way. It says we are supposed to find market value," he explained.

Wills will be at the Twin Falls County planning and zoning conference room at the Twin Falls County West building at 630 Addison Ave. W. on Tuesday starting at 6 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Anyone with questions or concerns about their assessment values can talk to him then.

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