Hawaii man claims Starbucks drink order came with dead lizard

A man says he found a dead lizard in his Starbucks drink cup after ordering from a Kaneohe location. (Source: Viewer submitted/HNN)
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HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – A man who stopped at a Starbucks location in Kaneohe for a cup of coffee on Thanksgiving says he found what appeared to be a dead gecko in his cup ― after he had already finished his cold brew.

A Starbucks customer named Jessica, who asked that her last name not be used, said Friday that she had gone through the drive-thru at Kaneohe Bay Shopping Center on Thursday morning and ordered two cups of coffee.

One of the drinks was for her husband, who finished his coffee quickly and made the disgusting discovery, she said.

“He knew how dangerous lizard bacteria can be, so he immediately forced himself to throw up,” she told Hawaii News Now.

Calls and emails to the Starbucks corporate media relations department were not immediately returned, and the Kaneohe Bay Shopping Center location said it would not answer questions about the incident.

But Jessica says store management told her they had acknowledged the incident and would be reporting it.

“I called the store to let them know that their coffee may be contaminated. The manager told me that he’d file an incident report and that corporate would call me today,” she said. “I have not gotten a call yet.”

Jessica says she posted photos of the incident to Instagram because she wants to hold the coffee chain accountable for what they sell.

“We want to bring light to this horrible incident because we want the Starbucks store to check all their equipment, talk to their staff and make sure that every drink going out is sanitary,” she said.

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