Health foundation seeks donations to support children with special needs

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The Children's Special Needs Fund has been a part of the St. Luke's Magic Valley Health Foundation program since 2006, helping children all throughout the valley.

Sometimes insurance doesn't cover certain therapies, programs or supplies desperately needed by children with special needs.

Right now, the program is putting new applications on hold because they're needing to collect more funds.

In the last five years they've been able to provide more than $160,000 of therapy or equipment.

It can also be hard on families traveling to and from various hospitals for specific treatments. The fund can sometimes provide gas or food cards as well as hotel stays to those impacted.

“Like these helmets right here, these are the cranial helmets, they cost $3,000 if needed and insurance doesn't cover those,” said Dawn Soto, executive director of St. Luke’s Health Foundation. “So, we have grants available that will help those parents that can use that help.”

100 percent of the donor dollars go towards the cause you choose. They say there are no overhead or administrative costs.

“When I see these kids come back in and they've gotten their speech therapy or they've gotten their replacement glasses, it's just a really good feeling,” said Dr. Kathryn Reese, a pediatrician.

Donations are tax deductible and corporate sponsorships are available as well.

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