Healthy school lunch hacks

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Making lunch for your school-aged children might be easier than you think!

Healthy school lunches can be quick, easy and cheaper than processed food.

Packing a healthy and nutritious lunch is crucial to a student's success.

A local dietitian tells KMVT you can make a simple homemade lunchable with cold cuts wrapped up on a cheese stick as a quick and cheap alternative to processed pre-packaged foods.

Try switching out the Lays potato chips for some whole wheat pita chips.

Avoid sweetended, sugary drinks or things you might find in a vending machine. Instead try water or milk.

This also works great for parents of multiples.

"You know you could definitely make this in a bigger batch and then separate it out." said Dianna Zunino. "These would be pretty easy to put an English muffin in a bag with the few ingredients to kind of get ready for all of the kiddos. The chicken salad would be a great option and then the whole family could take that for lunch"
If you're looking to add a snack or dessert, try trailmix or sugar free pudding.

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