Helping truckers amid pandemic

Helping truckers amid pandemic (Jake Manuel Brasil KMVT/KSVT)

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) As coronavirus cases continue to rise so do the acts of community unification.

One example is the hardships that some truck drivers are experiencing while driving long distances.

Finding it more and more difficult to find grocery stores that are stocked, as well as restaurants that allow them to dine inside anymore. While drive-thru's are an option, trucks can not fit through them, and many establishments do not allow you to walk through them.

To aid truck drivers the Facebook group "Helping Truckers Help America," was formed, and Saturday a drive was held where people could come donate food or hygiene items, as well as a place for truck drivers to pick up some necessary supplies.

"We need to get awareness out to help these truckers, even if it's just dropping of a snack on their steps getting into their truck at a gas station, a little thing can go a long way for these truckers," said Bryan Dortch, the created of the Facebook group.

The Facebook group is used for drivers to find and post restaurants or places where showers are located across the country. Drivers can also go to this website where a list of locations for supplies can be found.

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