High school students "Changing the World" with community project

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Tenth graders from Twin Falls High School are "changing the world" with a nine-week project.

"The project came out as the world today, it's very divided," said Matthew Coleman, an English teacher at Twin Falls High School.

This is also tied into a book that had to do with the Holocaust.

"It’s about getting the kids out and how do you make the world a better place? Investing back in the community," he explained.

Student Braydyn Proctor said his group decided to help out the homeless shelter.

"We’re basically going to be talking about homeless shelters. They don’t really get any funding. They don’t get talked about, the homeless people, there’s a lot of them and we don’t help them as much as we should," he said.

He said his group, along with others, donated water, canned foods and more.

"So we can help them help other people," Braydyn said.

He told KMVT that after helping the Valley House homeless shelter, it opened his eyes.

"There’s a lot more homeless people and unfortunate people who don’t have the money or funding to help feed themselves for it or clothes themselves," he explained.

For student Avery Dewit and her group, they decided to help kids after school with their homework.

"It feels pretty good. Just bonding with kids and knowing that they are the future and helping them and inspiring them feels good," she said.

Coleman said the students had to learn how to collaborate, communicate and plan all by themselves.

"As teachers we’ve been scared to death... Making them more independent and giving them a little more freedom of what’s going to happen," he said.

The students started the project on the first day of school and will have presentations on October 26.

"It’s kind of unique in the sense that it’s really putting it on the kids. Whatever you decide to do, follow through on it. All the power, all the responsibility is on them," he said.

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