Holiday safety tips for the family

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The holidays are a time for friends, family and fun, but with all the celebration you should think about keeping things safe for your kids.

Decorating for the holidays is a great and creative way to embrace the festivities, but according to Safe Kids' Jennifer Westendorf, those decorations can be dangerous.

“Every year there are over 3,000 injuries reported in ED's and clinics across the nation,” said Westendorf.

That's why she said it's important to think about the ages of your kids when picking decorations.

“If you have little ones, really pay attention to what you're putting on your Christmas tree because they love to eat ornaments and anything else they can get their hands on,” said Westendorf.

But Westendorf said decorations aren't the only culprits.

She tells KMVT fires are common at this time of year, and not just from tree lights or fireplaces.

“Candles make children curious,” Westendorf explains. “So don't leave candles burning unattended or with little ones around.”

One of the most overlooked dangers is picking toys for your children that aren't age appropriate.

“Older children's toys have smaller pieces and the little ones that are attracted to big brother or cousin might get into those and that can pose a choking hazard,” said Westendorf.

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