Hoops for Heart: CSI men basketball's toughest competition yet

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The College of Southern Idaho men’s basketball team took the court Friday morning, but it wasn’t against a Scenic West Athletic Conference opponent, rather 15 of the biggest, baddest and youngest opponents they’ve faced.

The Golden Eagle’s opponents were the highest fundraisers for Lighthouse Christian School’s Hoops for Heart event. February is American Heart Month, so the school teamed up with the American Heart Association to raise over $10,000.

“It’s a cause we’ve been so passionate about and we thought why not make it fun and raise money and save lives at the same time,” said Athletic Director Daequon Montreal.

The "Lion’s Den" was packed with students, parents and spectators for the game.

"Because we are trying to develop the basketball side of things here. So having these guys being able to come in here, the kids were over the top about it. So that just encouraged them to go out and raise more money for such a great cause,” Montreal said.

The game started with a layup to get the Lions on the board first, and it was a hard fought 20 minutes. The cheers and smiles erupted not when the Golden Eagles made long three pointers or fancy dunks, but rather when the kindergarten through fifth graders were scoring, but the Golden Eagles were helping with that.

“When those guys lift them up and they score those points and that crowd erupts, coming from a former basketball player, when you get that feeling it just puts a smile on your face,” Montreal said.

“I like the part where they held us up and we get to dunk it on them,” said 9-year-old, third grader Hayden Killoy.

“It makes me feel good that I actually made somebody’s day. The fact that they can’t get up there yet but I’m able to help makes me feel good, makes them feel good. I’m happy I could help with that,” said CSI basketball player Roche Grootfaam.

To end the day’s event, the class that raised the most money was able to “slime” their teacher by spraying her with whip cream and adding toppings of Lucky Charms and Cheese Balls.

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