Hope Squad at Minico High School works to understand and prevent suicide

Students at Minico High School are working together to help prevent suicide.
Students at Minico High School are working together to help prevent suicide.(KMVT)
Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 8:52 PM MST
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Minico High School is using a unique tool to help prevent suicide.

It's a new class, and they call themselves the Hope Squad.

"Saying hi to people in the halls, and waving, that can make a big difference," said freshman Haylee Stroud.

Students are working together to help prevent and be aware of the warning signs of suicide.

"Most students don’t like to talk to adults, but they will talk to their friends, and sometimes, they tell them things that they need more help than what that student is able to give them," said the teacher of the class Lorinda Garner. "So we are training these students to give those struggling students to a person who can actually help them."

Eleven students were selected to be a part of the class.

"First we’ll question someone and ask if they are okay and if they are going through things," said freshman Haylee Stroud. "Then we will persuade them to go talk to a counselor at our school, and if we can’t get them to do that, then we will refer them back, and hopefully the counselor will talk to them and help them."

Students say the goal of having a Hope Squad is to create a more inclusive environment for everybody.

"We want to create a more positive environment like I said, and we want to let the students know that they have a friend in us, and they can trust us with whatever they may be going through," said junior Nick Sorenson.

The teacher says she hopes to see the Hope Squad growing and people reaching out if they need help.

"We’re trying to change the environment, that it’s okay to talk about mental illness, that it’s okay to talk about these struggling feelings," Garner said.

The class meets once a day, and just started in January.