Horticulturalist provides tips for successful, early gardening season

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(KMVT/KSVT) - Despite the colder temperatures, you may want to get a head start on your gardening for an extended season.

"The cole crops can go in the ground. The seeds can go in the ground," said Tony McCammon, a Bloom Horticulture specialist.

In the outdoors, the soil heats up during the day and the heat is released at night.

"If we can capture that heat, we create an area where we can extend some temperatures in the growing area rather than freezing temperatures, which can kill back our plants," McCammon explained.

The solution to this is to create a greenhouse effect, which can be made in different ways.

For single plants, he recommends using a wall of water.

"You can kind of enclose (the top) so it provides a teepee type setting," he said. "The water heats up during the day. The ground around it heats up during the day and this provides about 20 degrees, maybe even up to 25 degrees of protection."

If you have old windows laying around, that can work, too.

"You could build some boxes, and that's going to give you even more protection — about 25 to 30 degrees of protection," he added. "You just have to make sure that if temperatures get above 70 degrees outside, those have to come off because you'll burn up your plants."

To cover a larger area a frost cloth is an option.

"You can put this over in a couple layers. This frost cloth is good to about 15 degrees," he said.

Another option is building a simple hoop house.

"You can run some PVC pipe across and some plastic you pick up at one of the box stores, and that creates a greenhouse effect," he continued.

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