Hospital conducts walking meetings with staff

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Staying active and potentially increasing productivity is always a challenge at most workplaces.

If the only cost was your time, would be interested in getting the blood flowing while at work and conducting a meeting?

St. Luke's Magic Valley is implementing optional walking meetings in some of their departments.

Encouraging employees like a group from the HR department to take those board room meetings outside to the walking path.

This allows them to stay active and a change of scenery while still getting work done.

“In a big facility like this in the hospital we actually have indoor walking paths,” said Isaac Bush, wellness coordinator. “So during the winter time and during the months when it's a little bit crummy weather, we actually have a route set up where people can go in and walk. It's a mile long and four laps.”

This method can boost spirits and morale and is transferable to almost any industry.

Even phone conference meetings can be done on the go.

The outdoor St. Luke's walking path is still open to the public although some parts are temporarily closed due to construction.

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