Idaho House passes property tax freezes bill

TWIN FALLS, Idaho A one-year freeze on property taxes continues to advance in the legislature.

The bill does not put a freeze on budgets for schools.

On Tuesday, with a vote 46-32, the bill passed the Idaho house.

If the legislation passes, the Senate and is not vetoed by the governor, a one-year freeze on property taxes will be applied to all Idaho local government.

The bill does not put a freeze on budgets for schools.

Rep. Linda Hartgen from Twin Falls supports the bill. She said it's time to get spending under control for Idaho homeowners.

"This initial bill will not be the bill that actually is the one that is inactive," Hartgen tells KMVT. "It's a starting point to get us all at the table to discuss, and I knew the only way to get that going was to vote yes to get it over the Senate to get that started."

Rep. Lance Clow, on the other hand, said he couldn't support the bill.

"Legislators have to explain to their constituents that the freeze applies to local government property tax budgets only and that it does not mean that homeowners won't face higher property tax bill next year," he said.

Clow also said freezing property taxes will force cities to bring development to a halt. If they are unable to pay for the services and infrastructure needed to serve Idaho's growing population.

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