Businesses face challenges during coronavirus pandemic

Jeremy Johnson, with the Better Business Bureau, said the best brand of action is to communicate openly with customers. (Source: KMVT)

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) The COVID-19 pandemic has employees transitioning to work-from-home set-ups, gatherings of all sizes have been canceled, and customers are altering their purchasing habits.

Therefore, one can imagine how this is impacting a growing number of businesses.

The impact of those changes has been often immediate and, in many cases, severe.

Jeremy Johnson, the marketplace manager with the Better Business Bureau, said it is indeed an uncertain time for businesses — especially small local ones.

Johnson encourages business owners to get creative or change their business model a little bit with their employees and management team.

But more importantly, she said, the best brand of action is to communicate openly with customers.

"They have to include information about how they're protecting staff; how they're protecting the products they are selling and how they are creating a safe environment within their store or restaurant," Johnson said.

She added customers could also help by promoting businesses on social media or share their experience on a review site, or if their budget allows, to refuse refunds as many restaurants, theaters and performance venues are offering refunds to customers since events are canceled.

Johnson also suggested buying a gift card to use at a favorite establishment to help ensure they'll be around to enjoy later.

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