How companies look for seasonal employees in a tight labor market

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The holidays are right around the corner and it's that time of year where companies start looking for seasonal help.

In August, the Idaho Department of Labor reported that the unemployment rate is at 2.8 percent.

With the low unenemployment rate here in the state, companies told KMVT holiday help is important, but they also need long lasting employees as well.

"When I have a chance, I like to go around and try and recruit and go around town and see if anyone's looking," said Breanna Gilbert, the general manager for Downeast Home and Clothing in Twin Falls.

Though they are looking for seasonal employees, she said they need more.

"I also have full time that I'm looking for," she said.

She told KMVT they've been searching for months.

"Mainly in my backroom and unloading the trucks. That is where I need some help," she explained.

Gilbert said she's constantly recruiting as applications are on Indeed and more. She added that she pulls applications every Monday's and do interviews later in the week.

"We go to CSI and kind of post things there. It's talking to some of the high schools and say do you have any seniors, juniors looking for a job and it's word of mouth," she said.

With so many businesses in town, how do they keep their employees happy?

"I think you want to create an environment that people want to be apart of, not a vulture culture in your employees," she continued.
"Its just a happy environment."

Also offering her employees fun events to do together.

"Here in my store we just try to run a fun contest and party and little hoorah here in the store and go out and eat somewhere," she said.

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