How do school districts feel about guns in schools?

Published: Oct. 20, 2015 at 5:48 PM MDT
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Most public school districts have a ‘no gun’ policy when it comes to teachers and administrators carrying guns, and that remains true in Twin Falls.

However, some private schools have different policies.

After speaking to several school districts, we found public schools in the area only allow resource officers to carry weapons on campus.

But at many private schools, like Lighthouse Christian, it's a different story.

Lighthouse Christian School is a private school in the area that enrolls pre-schoolers, and K-12.

Without a school resource officer, its gun policy is different.

"We prefer mainly our administration. Obviously for teachers, they're in close proximity with students everyday and we feel that administration has greater availability if an intruder were to come into our school," said Lighthouse Christian’s Superintendent Kevin Newbry.

The small group of gun carriers at this school are trained by local law enforcement, and just like the public school districts, they practice lockdown drills.

"With people spread out throughout your facility, you have greater protection as well, responding to an incident," said Newbry.

Around the school, administrators can set off different alarms that initiative an entire school lockdown.

Once the bell’s been rung, teachers then follow specific lockdown procedures until they've received a signal that all is clear.

"With an intruder that has a gun or a rifle, statistics show the only thing that is going to stop an issue is another gun, unfortunately," explained Newbry.

Lighthouse doors remain locked during school hours.

We caught up with one student to hear how she feels about knowing that school administrators carry guns in school .

"I feel pretty safe, and I'm glad that they do that, for our safety and stuff. I think that we need something to at least defend ourselves,” said Sophomore Chloe Gomez.

While public and private schools have different policies, they have the same goal, which is to provide safe environments for students to learn and grow.