Fairgoers find ways to stay cool during triple-digit heat

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Temperatures reached up to 100 degrees Thursday and Friday and fairgoers still come out for 4-H and enjoy festivities in Jerome County.

Walking around the fair, there are plenty of vendors selling lemonade, water and other refreshing drinks.

Some vendors also have misters and fans for their customers to cool off.

Fairgoer Nicole Johnstone said she's used to the fair being hot every year, but not this hot.

"We have our RV here as well, so we'll go in the afternoons, to try and sit in the air conditioning a little bit and cool off and that helps take a little break," she said.

Johnstone said her daughter is also involved in 4-H and so they have been out at the fair everyday.

"Dump water on me, drink lots of water and stay cool in the shade," Aubrey Johnstone said of how she stays cool.

Aubrey added that she just won a goat show and received a ribbon for best in the show.

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