COVID-19 pandemic affects election campaigning

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) With absentee only voting, as well as many campaigning opportunities cancelled because of the pandemic, two candidates tell KMVT, they seem out of reach when it comes to sharing their platform with voters.

Sheriff Tom Carter (Source: KMVT/KSVT)

For Sheriff Tom Carter, the election hasn’t been at the top of his mind.

"I have just been focused more on issues than I have on campaigning," he said. "You know when this thing is over, I still have got a jail that is going to be over populated, and once the courts open up again, it’s going to be really over populated, so those things just have to take priority over campaigning."

He says that the safety of the community and his deputies have come first.

"Ordinarily by now, I would’ve spoken to everyone I could speak to about my message and what I’m trying to get out, but with this virus as you can imagine, my number one priority has to be keeping the people safe, not only the citizens but my deputies," Carter said.

Carter has been Twin Falls County's sheriff for 12 years and has two opponents in this election.

"The reason I stay and am running is because I still have something to offer, you know and when I no longer think that I can benefit Twin Falls County then I’ll quit," he said.

Dave Hansen who is running for Twin Falls County Commissioner, had to get creative when all of his events got cancelled.

"We were out we had a deal called socialize with Dave, where we invaded local parking lots and eat lunch at the local restaurants, and invited my friends out and people come out to visit me," said Dave Hansen.

He says that the pandemic has made running for county commissioner difficult.

"It’s been a very difficult time, everything got shut down, all the events we had been planning, everything got shut down, so it was hard to get out and tell everyone about ourselves and what we were doing, so it’s been a tough time for all of us," said Dave Hansen.

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