How to Maximize Your Caloric Burn During the Holidays

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Well it's no secret that during the holidays we are surrounded by delicious and wonderful food, so in this we asked Gold’s Gym trainers on days like Thanksgiving, what's the best way to maximize your caloric burn while at the gym.

“Well obviously we're putting down a bunch of food, a bunch of calories so the name of the game is caloric burn. So what you can do to maximize your caloric burn is actually something called ATEF. It's a spike that you put in your metabolism and it carries out for hours over the day, so what you do is you do a certain workout where you basically super set everything you do,” said Damien Houle, Gold’s Gym trainer.

As far as weight training so let’s say you put together 2 or 3 exercises, one after the other, boom, boom, boom super set exercises on weights and then when you do cardiovascular activity,” explained Houle.

“You do high intensity interval training which is a really hard go for about a minute and then really light for two, and then you go back and forth for about 20 minutes post work out, those two things together will maximize your caloric burn throughout the day. Ideally if you could pick your best case scenario, it would be get up, have a moderate breakfast, get a little bit of carbs, then go do the work out, let that assimilate in your system, and then throughout the rest of the day you have that caloric burn. The best thing that we have here going is that we have multiple of everything, so even if you're busy, if you're limited on time, we have multiple machines, and the hours that we're open, the proximity of everything, you shouldn't have a problem getting everything you need and getting it all done in time,” Houle said.

Well there you have it, now you can enjoy all that delicious food during your holidays, remember the trainers here at Golds Gym, want to hear your fitness and nutrition questions, email them to, and your question might just be answered.