Idaho Power talks how to stay cool and save money on power bills during the summer

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Many have already turned on their air conditioning around the Magic Valley and Idaho Power said there are a few ways people can save some money and keep cool for the summer.

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Dan Olmstead, a community relations spokesperson with Idaho Power, said to make sure that the cooling system is running efficiently.

"Make sure you change your air filter on your air handling system, needs to be clean for that system to work efficiently," he said.

On the warmer days, he said to set the thermostat at 78 degrees if health conditions allow it.

"(It) is probably the optimum for saving that way," he said.

If someone lives in a two-story home, he said that adding a fan to an attic may help keep the rest of the home a little bit cooler.

"When the temperature gets to about 90 degrees in the attic, that’s when you’re going to start feeling it down in the house, but that fan will actually exhaust a lot of that heat from the attic," he said.

Also, keeping the windows closed, blinds and curtains shut, it can help cool down the house.

"Especially on the south side and the west side of the house. That’s where the hot sun seems to come in," he continued. "At night, open those curtains, shades back up, open the windows back, take advantage of that nice, cool, Twin Falls, Magic Valley air and let it run through your house."

Planting trees in the proper location can also help. Olmstead recommends putting them on the west and south side of the house.

Using simple fans around the home can also help as well.

"It’ll actually make you feel about 4 degrees cooler," he said.

And the best way to keep the heat out of the kitchen, is to cook outside, rather than using the burner and stove.

For more tips on how to save and stay cool this summer, visit Idaho Power's savings website.

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