BBB tells how to avoid fake tickets

Published: May. 31, 2019 at 5:01 PM MDT
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Tickets for Garth Brooks second show in Boise went on sale Friday. If you didn't get those tickets or at least the seats that you want, you might be looking for other options to get your hands on those tickets. KMVT is putting you first about what you should know before buying them second-hand from someone else.

The Better Business Bureau said the best thing to do is if you can't get tickets on the actual website where the tickets are being sold, find them on a third party website that resells them.

Jeremy Johnson, with the BBB, said you're most like going to have to pay more for the tickets than what they were sold for, especially if you want to sit in certain sections.

When using other websites, make sure that they are reputable and safe.

Johnson said there are pages that help consumers sell tickets that facilitate buyer and seller sales transactions.

"They do have some guarantees and they do have some safety nets, but if you're just purchasing maybe from someone on Facebook or something like this, you're going to take a risk. You just have to know that there's always a risk," she said over the phone.

Johnson said that if you do take a risk, make sure to meet the seller in person and look at the tickets.

"Being able to look at the actual ticket and you being able to see and maybe feel that they are actually legitimate," she said.

Johnson advises buying tickets with a credit card rather than with debit or cash. That way, if it does end up being a scam, it might be a little easier to try and get the money back.

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