Hunter orange not mandatory in Idaho, but highly recommended

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT-KSVT) In the state of Idaho hunters aren’t require to wear the blaze orange outfit, but it’s highly recommended to do so.

“It’s wise to have some orange (clothing) on you. It just makes you more visible,” said Regional Conversational Educator Kelton Hatch with the Idaho Fish and Game.” So people pick you up in their peripheral vision and you’re less likely to being shot.”

Hatch believes most hunters don’t wear orange because they think the bright color might be visible to wildlife.

“From everything I study and read they’re pretty much in the black and white vision, most of the big game animals,” Hatch said.

In Utah, Texas, Kentucky and Indiana the hunter orange garment is mandatory to be worn and visible.

“We just never had a law passed to make it mandatory to wear hunter orange in the state,” Hatch said.

Dan Hadley a gun salesman is a firm believer in the orange clothing.

"There’s too many people hunting out these days ... so many hunters out there, you want to be seen.” Hadley said.

Hadley has been hunting in Idaho for years and he’s seen a lot of hunters not wearing the orange clothing.

“A lot of people wearing camouflage, bow hunting is one thing for camo, but with a rife it’s not a safe thing, in my opinion,” Hadley said.

For safety reasons, Hadley hopes maybe one day the state of Idaho will make it mandatory for hunters to wear hunter orange.

“Not only for yourself, but to keep getting out of trouble, because you might accidentally shoot somebody, it would be good to make everyone wear the orange.” Hadley said.

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