ITD estimates 160K visitors for eclipse

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(KMVT/KSVT) - The numbers are in.

The Idaho Transportation Department estimated 160,000 extra vehicles traveling into the Gem State for the eclipse compared to the same time period last year.

Although this was much less than the million visitors expected, the 40 to 50 percent increase did not account for those who flew into the state.

ITD told us they noticed a spike Monday morning since many people stayed in the valley and drove up to the path of totality the morning of the big event.

Officials also noted traffic accidents were down during the eclipse weekend.

"We believe most people were traveling wisely," said Nathan Jerke with the Idaho Transportation Department. "(That's) the kind of habits that we like to see people do. They were taking part in on Monday. They were understanding the congestion because of the event and taking care of themselves really well on the roadways."

Coincidentally, the 511 cameras went down the morning of the eclipse.

Now, it was not due to overuse, but because of a software issue which was resolved later that day.

For a breakdown of the traffic numbers, click here.

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