Idaho Better Business Bureau warns of tax-season scams

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) You’d find out with a letter.

The Better Business Bureau said that’s when you’ll know if you’ve been a victim of tax identity theft. A letter would come from the IRS saying your tax return has been filed twice.

Tax identity theft is when someone gets ahold of your social security number and uses it to try and get your tax return.

“They’re trying to get ahold of your money, so that’s why you just need to be extra careful with your social security number this time of year,” said Jeremy Johnson, the marketplace manager for the Eastern Idaho Better Business Bureau.

Johnson said people need to be extremely careful with public internet and security. She also said people should not give out their social security number unless they absolutely have to.

If you do think your social security number has been compromised you need to do two things very fast. One is call the IRS and let them know, the other is to put a fraud alert on your credit report.

The BBB also encourages people to check their credit regularly and be wary of people calling and pressuring people to give personal information while posing as the IRS or other agency.

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