Credit union gives advice to maintain finances for the new year

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - Idaho Central Credit Union said there are a few different ways to better manage finances.

Blue Lakes Branch Manager Brett Buckley said there are many who try and set a New Year's resolution to improve their finances.

A good way to manage money is to write those goals down and talk about them with a loved one, Buckley said.

He said having a budget can go a long way, even if it takes a little more effort. However, you do have to try and stick with the budget.

"I'm a big fan of paying yourself first, so when you get paid it's a really good habit to, before you start paying your other bills, to put money into a savings account, retirement account so you can have money for a rainy day," he suggested.

When and if someone does a budget, he said to make sure to identify what is a fixed cost and what can change month to month.

He added that automating payments and money going into a savings account could help.

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