Fish and Game sets check stations to interact with hunters and look for Chronic Wasting Disease

Published: Oct. 15, 2018 at 7:28 PM MDT
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Hunting Season is underway in Idaho and Idaho Fish and Game officials want the public to know about a disease that is affecting game.

Wildlife officials said Chronic Wasting Disease has been reported in nearby states, according to the Chronic Wasting Alliance. The disease has been reported in Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.

On opening weekend IDFG had several check stations to take biological samples of game to test for the disease.

IDFG wildlife manager Mike McDonald led the check station just north of Shoshone on Saturday and Sunday. He said his station wasn't taking samples but explained others do.

"We'll take samples to monitor for certain diseases one of the big ones right now that we're concerned about is Chronic Wasting Disease," McDonald said. "It has not been detected in Idaho, but we have a surveillance program in place and some protocols and procedures in place in the event it is detected."

Their protocol is to call in a CWD Management Team.

In August, IDFG announced it will add a new regulation to prevent from the disease entering in the state.

The regulation stated to "ban the import into Idaho of the carcass or any part of a wild deer, elk, or moose from another state, province of Canada, or country (other than Canada) with any documented case of CWD."

The check stations also make sure hunters, trappers aren't violation any rules.

"This particular station we're taking measurements from the deer that are harvested. We will measure antlers, determine the age of the animal the sex, obviously. Some of the information we can use for management purposes moving forward. We're also looking at successful rates from successful hunters to unsuccessful hunters," he said.

The check stations also give the opportunity for wildlife officials to interact with the community and answered questions. However, the department only has the check stations on opening weekend.