Idaho GOP chairman criticizes new PAC for moderates

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BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Idaho Republican Party Chairman Jonathan Parker says he is disturbed that a former GOP state lawmaker has formed a political action committee to encourage Independent and Democratic voters to register as Republicans.

In a prepared statement released Thursday, Parker said the Idaho Republican Party's decision to close the GOP primary so that only registered Republicans can participate has been reaffirmed in federal court.

Last week, former GOP Rep. Kathy Skippen formed a PAC — called Moderates Are Taking Hold — to help educate Independent and Democratic voters on the importance of casting a vote in the GOP primary because Republican candidates rarely face competitive opponents in the general election.

Parker says he welcomes any individuals to affiliate as a Republican, as long as they share the belief in limited government, lower taxes and additional freedoms. Parker added he is asking Independents and Democrats not to select the GOP's candidates.

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