Idaho Milk Products announces $26M expansion

Published: Jun. 11, 2018 at 1:56 PM MDT
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Idaho Milk Products is preparing for a $26 million expansion to its Jerome plant.

Company CEO Daragh Maccabee said this will expand the plant's capacity by one third.

"We're adding one million pounds of milk per day to bring our total capacity up to 4.4 million pounds," Maccabee said.

He added that they will be investing in research and development capabilities, adding more staff and expanding its warehouse.

"The benefit about this project is it builds upon the great work done over the last nine years at Idaho Milk Products," he said. "We like to call it maximizing the capability of our current footprint."

He said the company plans to hire approximately 25 people, along with "a small addition to the building" and warehouse expansion.

"We've invested a lot in this business," he said. "We have an exceptional facility already, so the great work that's been done over the years has positioned us very well to take over the steps now. So you can say it's been an evolution to this point, but we really feel like the time is right now from a number of perspectives."

He said they have already started the expansion in terms of planning, however the work starts spring 2019. He hopes to be aligned with the new capacity by August next year.

"We are vested in milk in Idaho. It's the third largest milk producing state in the country, but in this region in particular, milk is very important to us and it's very important to the community and we are committed to it," he said.