Idaho Milk Products on time with $26M expansion

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JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) - The Idaho Milk Product's chief executive officer said their expansion is moving along in time for their goal date.

Last summer, they announced that they would expand their plant's capacity by one third.

Daragh Maccabee, the CEO, said they are right on track of their expansion and are actually working four projects at the same time,

They have expanded their warehouse and staff facilities, built a new research and development building and are adding more capabilities to their plant to bring up their total capacity of milk.

"We have great demand for our product, we've got great customers and a great team that make it happen everyday and the demand for our products are strong and on the basis of that, and how great of a source of milk supply through our owner group, it's a perfect recipe to grow," Maccabee said.

They plan to finish construction in August and will start upping their milk volumes from 3.4 to 4.4 million pounds of milk a day.

"We’ll start to ramp up the milk volumes in August and over the month or two that follow that, we will get up to the new and full capacity of the plant," he explained.

They will be adding about 30 new positions as well, growing up about 180 employees.

"The only thing we would like is if our expansion could be a little bit bigger. We certainly have the demand for more if we can process more, we could, or maximizing what we can do," he said, adding that expanding even more is "always under consideration."

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