‘Idaho Promise’ legislation aims to close financial cap for college, tech programs

BOISE, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) A legislative draft is making its presence known after Sen. Grant Burgoyne presented the "Idaho Promise" on Monday.

The legislation would provide Idahoans a "last dollar" financial scholarship opportunity to help with tuition assistance for community college or college tech programs.

"For many Idaho students, the gap between the financial resources they have and the actual cost to attend college or workforce training is just to wide," Sen. Burgoyne said. "This legislation will help fill the gap, improve enrollment and completion rates in Idaho's public posts secondary programs, and thereby, jump start the state's workforce readiness."

Under the current draft, there could be about $18 million per year of scholarships, but there are factors that could change the number.

It also explains how the scholarship recipients will be paired up with a mentor to help them complete their education and to receive funding, students would have to be involved in community service programs.

According to the proposed legislation, it could benefit students of all ages and income.

At the College of Southern Idaho, Public Information Officer Kimberlee LaPray said the legislation could support those students interested in CSI's programs.

"Specifically I think a lot of people focus on our CTE which Career Technical Education to help increase our workforce skills or help them move up the ladder in their careers. Those are important things that they could use the funding for," LaPray said.

Burgoyne plans to introduce the legislation in 2020, but for now will continue to discuss with educators, community members and agencies across the state about the proposed legislation.