Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind enjoys sports and sunshine in Sun Valley

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SUN VALLEY, Id. ( KMVT / KSVT ) - Students from the Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind in Gooding, spent Wednesday enjoying sports and sunshine in Sun Valley.

The school works with Higher Ground, a Blaine County based non-profit, that provides therapeutic recreation and education for people with disabilities.

“It feels good to have a sense of accomplishment because honestly, I did not think I could actually do this, so, at least I’m actually on a sled,” said Sofie Wigton, a senior.

“It’s pretty fun, you know. You get away from class and enjoy the sun the cool air,” said Julissa Alcoser, who is also a senior.

Higher Ground works with the Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind to come up five different times during the year, bringing a different group each time.

Eventually everyone, kindergarten through 12th grade, gets to spend a day in Sun Valley, skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey sledding, or ice skating.

“You’ve got these, I want to say hockey sticks with spikes on the end of them, and you just use those to push yourself around and hit a puck,” said Adrien Brillhart, a student.

“You get to do hockey and it’s a good experience to get your balance back if you need to,” said Lilli Valenzuela, a 7th grader.

A teacher says about half of the school’s 90 or so students are from the Magic Valley.

The other half are from all over Idaho and board at the school.