Idaho State Police advise people how to stay safe in case of a home invasion

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TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — After a family was the victim of a home invasion Monday south of Wendell, there are some steps people can take to stay as safe as possible in their house, explains Idaho State Police Lt. Robert Rausch

“Probably the best thing you can do is to make sure that you secure your doors and windows. Make sure that it's at least difficult for folks to get into your house that shouldn't be in your house,” Rausch said.

Gooding County Sheriff Shaun Gough stated the same thing.

"Pay attention if there's someone in your driveway. If you're sitting and watching TV and you see a car come into your driveway, pay attention to who it is. make sure you know them. If you don't you need to take proper procedures to protect yourself," Gough explained.

Rausch said it all comes down to choices.

“If for some reason that you hear someone in your home or encounter someone coming into your home, you have a couple of quick choices you have to make,” Rausch explained. "The biggest choice you make is to get to safety, and then to notify authorities. In that order. You want to get to safety first. If you're caught by surprise and you're not allowed to get to safety, then you have some other decisions to make."

And also being prepared.

“Make sure that you and your family know what to do should something like that happen," he said. "Have a meeting place where you can all meet if you get out and escape, a safe room in your home if you've got one of those."

Because some things can't be replaced.

“Your safety is worth way more than any possession in your home. So don't worry about possessions, get to safety," he said. "If you're caught in a position where you cannot get to safety, my best advice to you there is to make decisions that would keep the situation from escalating, keep yourselves from getting hurt."

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