Idaho asks federal agency to run oil injection well program

(Image Source: Nevit Dilmen / CC BY-SA 3.0 / MGN)
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BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Idaho wants the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to take over regulating underground injection wells needed by the state's oil and natural gas industry to dispose of wastewater.

The federal agency in a notice Monday says it will take public comments through Jan. 11 on the plan to transfer a portion of the state's Underground Injection Control program.

The Idaho Department of Water Resources in August requested the change.

State officials say Idaho currently has six operating gas wells and nine that are capable of producing but are shut in.

Producing wells bring up water. Injecting the water back into the ground is cheaper than trucking it elsewhere, making the wells economically feasible.

The EPA didn't immediately respond to emailed questions from The Associated Press.

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