Idaho attorney general nixes Purdue opioid settlement offer

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BOISE, Idaho (AP) - Idaho will not sign onto a tentative settlement with the family that owns OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma.

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden made the announcement Thursday, saying he believes the settlement isn't in the best interest of the state. Wasden, a Republican, says his office will continue to litigate the case.

Dozens of states have sued the Sackler family and Purdue Pharma over the opioid crisis, contending the company oversold the benefits of opioid painkillers and worked to increase use of the drugs - and company profits - despite knowing that opioids were highly addictive.

On Wednesday, more than 20 of the states and thousands of local governments reached a tentative settlement that could be worth up to $12 billion over time.

One of the next steps for Purdue Pharma is a bankruptcy filing, which could end lawsuits filed against the company. States that don't agree to the settlement, however, could raise objections in bankruptcy court.

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